About Us

About Us

Puma Vans Shoes World Ltd is a mens and womens designer Vans and Puma wear independent

Established in Desigual Vivo City 2, Singapore, has been synonymous with desirable designer Vans and Puma fashion for both men and women since its inception. From humble beginnings, is now represented in all of the key shopping destination locations in the South West of Singapore.

Our 1,000 sq. ft flagship store is located in the Desigual Vivo City 2. Puma Vans Shoes World blue white houses a separate premium department which showcases our Puma Vans footwear and accessories offer.

From the local store high street store to the famous Puma Vans store in Singapore's Desigual Vivo City Circus, there is a sure to be a store right for you, offering in incredible choice of football shoes, running shoes, sneakers and much more.

Alongside the retail outlets, gives you access to a huge range of quality sports clothing and equipment, which can be delivered to your door from our online catalogue.

Made by famous brands Puma and Vans, the clothing, sports wear and sports gear will not only help you train and improve in your chosen sport  or activity whether you are a beginner or a professional, but our exceptional value will mean you can get more for your money!  You can keep fit, socialise or simply enjoy yourself wearing footwear from will continue to push to offer the best service possible as well as a expanding the already vast range of footwear, sportswear and fashion items.  As we continue to offer excellent value on sports equipment, clothing and sportswear, we are always pleased to hear from our customers.